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To all my readers, I’m reading all your comments. And you won’t have any idea how saddened i get. I know I’m making you all wait and unable to write like earlier. Your involvement overwhelms me but at the same time my current inability to stand upto your expectations hurts deeply. I am going through a kind of treatment. Details of which, I don’t want to disclose here. Just know that even daily life is a struggle for me nowadays. I want to write but I’m unable to concentrate for even a few minutes. How painful this is, i can not explain. writing is like breathing for me. And nowadays I’m writing nothing but few poems.  This blog is my place, my everything. It’s like a breathing valve for me. I am overwhelmingly thankful for the love you all have showered on me. Pardon me for my inability. I am trying hard to complete this story. I have so many scattered paras in my laptop. Hopefully I’ll post them soon but can not promise. So, if you don’t want to read or engage here, please go ahead. S

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