Women's Day? really?

 Two distinct infants of opposite sex are born on the same day in the same hospital. One set on the journey of becoming a boy, then a Man. And the other on an inevitable journey of becoming a girl and thereafter a ‘Woman’. 

The infant who’s given the curriculum of being a Man, grasps things fast on natural basis. As if it has been given a syllabus that’s easy or for that matter very natural for it’s breed. He learns that somehow, by some social order he has an upper hand in the society. He learns this from the surrounding, from the phenomenon called family. Where, the ones who call them ‘Men’ have a louder voice, louder laughter, free will to follow things, they can sometimes or even most of the times bemean their opposite sex called as ‘Women’. They also learn that Women are given the duty to cook for ‘men’. As if that’s their obvious duty. So, this infant gradually, over the period of time, becomes a ‘Man’ who thinks he is stronger, more intelligent, who can go out and come in at whatever time he wants, he doesn’t have to follow any traditional norms or one can say, he is not going to be judged on that basis. He can be as wild as he can be. And he doesn’t have to do any chores household work since he is a Man. In case if he does, he will either be looked down upon or will be praised depending upon the societal conditions he is living in. He just has to earn money, do a business or a job and that’s it. If he does this efficiently, successfully then he will be hailed, respected and becomes a decision maker. And eventually becomes a ‘Man’.

Now let’s see how the other infant of opposite sex grows. It learns that it has to follow certain regulations to survive. It soon understands that there is some concept like ‘Man’ and it is somewhat more powerful or at least pretends to be powerful. As the time goes the infant who’s now become a ‘girl’ realizes that her curriculum of growing is somewhat different from that of the boys. There are more don’ts than the do’s in her syllabus. Gradually she finds that it’s getting more and more difficult. And somewhat unnatural too. She finds it difficult to adjust. She Struggles. But the force is so hard that with passing time she learns to ‘adjust’. She observes that other ‘women’ (one of whom she is about to become) are most of the time in the kitchen. Some of them are working outside too. But cooking is compulsory. She too is being programmed for the same. That someday she must be cooking for a phenomenon called family. She should raise her children. Most of the times she must not be worried for earning money. That some ‘Man’ would do that for her. And in case she wants to follow her passion she must first take care of the phenomenon called her ‘family’. In short, she understands that being a ‘woman’ is really a hard business. She grows up listening to the bemeaning of other women. Sometimes it is enveloped in good behaviour. but bemeaning is something that’s compulsory for every woman, In one or the other form. She also gets programmed to handle egos with a lower voice. If she does that efficiently then she will be a ‘good Woman’ otherwise she will be called arrogant, over smart, or in short a ‘bad woman’. And according to her basic human nature she becomes one or the other. And finally turns up into a ‘Woman’!

The process of becoming a ‘Man’ or a ‘Woman’ despite being born as ‘Human’ is somewhat unnatural. Infants born belong to the ‘Human’ race. So, they must become humans someday. But on the opposite side, they go on becoming man and woman. The process, in turn ends up in the suppression of the Woman. Levels of suppression may differ from mild to harsh. But suppression continues.

The root cause here is before becoming ‘Humans’ we become ‘Men’ or ‘Women’. We must first become humans and Treat others as humans as well regardless of their gender. Here, I’m not inferring ‘equality’ of men and women. What I’m inferring is being human naturally. We shouldn’t put ourselves or upcoming generations in those unequal moulds of becoming a man or a woman and then let them fight for their position or rights or equality for that matter. Gender is just a biological factor. We are messing up considering it as a psychological and social factor.

I would like to celebrate a ‘Human’s Day’ instead of a ‘Women’s Day’. because, I strongly believe that there are some basic errors in this ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ programming system!

If Becoming a woman is something so unnatural then Damn being a woman, its celebration and the beautiful pink rapping of Women's Day as well!

- Sanjeevani 


लोकप्रिय पोस्ट