The 3 AM callings

The 3 AM callings 

When I wake-up slowly 

Open my mind, before opening the eyes,

I see a serene world around 

A river moving in my heart.

I feel the truest of my intuitions

& gut calmness in the wild waters of existence 

I see my grandpa, 

sitting near me

With a graceful smile & a soothing touch,

He reminds me

There are things to be done

There’s is a road scarcely taken

So many fragrant dreams, yet to be chased

There are hearts, still so broken

There’re those wounds, which ache silently 

And so many untold stories, crying for empathy..

Soothe them, 

My dear,

Make the world to listen to them.


Most importantly,

Live your own story in a way,

That It should become your most beautiful Poetry..!




अनामित म्हणाले…
Please continue writing poems...
Sanjeevani म्हणाले…
Thank you 😊
Poetry is my favourite form of expression!

लोकप्रिय पोस्ट